Thanksgiving in Peru

This week we celebrated Thanksgiving even here in Peru. They don’t usually celebrate Thanksgiving here, but the Berrospid family made a special exception for us. Before the meal we sang a few Thanksgiving hymns in English and in Spanish and said a Thanksgiving prayer. Then came the meal.

We had turkey, mashed potatoes, and apple pie, a few staples of Thanksgiving. However, we also had mixed vegetables and rice so that the meal would have a little bit of a Peruvian flavor. Unfortunately there are no pumpkins in Peru, so we couldn’t have pumpkin pie. Still, it was very nice of the Berrospid family to treat us to a Thanksgiving dinner.


Where Have You Been? Lutheran Gatherings

You probably have been wondering what Nathan and I have been up to for the past several weeks. Well, here is a small portion:

Three Sundays ago we were in the San Gabriel district of Lima for a conference of the Lutheran churches in Lima. There was a service and also some presentations from the youth group at the San Gabriel congregation. They performed two dances and also sang a song. It was very interesting. Unfortunately, we left before we could see any of the other presentations being given.

Two Sundays ago we celebrated the Reformation. We joined a bunch of other Peruvian Lutherans at the seminary which is in the Santa Beatriz district. It is always amazing how God’s grace is the same in all parts of the world; God’s grace is for everyone. The best part was being able to sing “Castillo fuerte es nuestro Dios” or “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” with a group of people who have been singing it for years just like we have; the only difference is that we’re usually 6,000 miles apart. God has blessed us very much in our time here.

Day in Cieneguilla

One of the many blessings Nathan and I enjoy here in Peru is the time we spend with the Berrospid family. Last Monday, we visited the home of Cesar and Lourdes who live in Cieneguilla which is about an hour and a half away from Carmen de la Legua Reynoso. This area of the province is much different than the rest of the city.

Pictures courtesy of Nathan Schulte.

First of all, the area is much more suburban than most of Lima. That means there is a lot of open space to play sports and such. We played volleyball and soccer for the whole afternoon, which was the most exercise that I’ve had in months. We also went swimming in the pool although the water was rather cold.


Also, we walked around the neighborhood with Shanna, the daughter of Cesar and Lourdes. The whole area is very beautiful with nearby mountains and even a river (although the riverbed was dry). It was a very nice change of pace from the regular city scene and we definitely enjoyed it. Hopefully, we will be able to see more of Peru as the months go on.


Expociencias: Science Fair!

Last Saturday (September 21) was the science fair at B. Group. I was quite excited to see all the projects because I had seen a few of them in the classrooms. The models were so detailed! Each classroom had a representative so there were many projects to look at and admire. I took some pictures.

The first one is from one of my primary classroom “Josue.” Their project showed how people could recycle and reuse many different products. One of their creations, was a  a basket out of old plastic bags. However, the best was the homemade soap. They were even giving away samples!

The second picture shows a model of a city that uses bio-gas. They actually made their own bio-gas out of rabbit manure and could start a flame with it! I was quite impressed by this project. I hope it wins a prize. We still don’t know who the winners are. I think they will announce them in a few weeks.